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Jean-Pierre Frey

Jean-Pierre Frey was born in Paris on January 9, 1955. His father was an artist and painter from Montmartre, the favorite Parisian haunt of several famous 20th century artists.

The small house-workshop of the family is a never-ending source of stimulation for this artist in becoming : the combined smells of oil painting and turpentine, the fine art magazines and books form his universe.

The following of his career has been an impressive parcours passing from the National Academy of Fine-Arts in France and the International Art Fair of Geneva (EUROP-ART), to finally become one of the top-five artists the most recognized and sold in France.

Naturally he's heading, quite young, towards the "Place du Tertre", the artistic heart of Montmartre, to draw the portraits of passers-by. This activity without constraint leaves him time to participate in the courses of the National School of fine arts in France, rue Bonaparte, where he acquired strong classical foundations.

His second passion, sailing, takes him away every winter to the discovery of new horizons, towards warmer climates.

He present his candidacy for the EUROP-ART Committee (international fair of Art in Geneva) in 1991 and it is retained; all his savings and a year of passionate work will be necessary for the preparation of this international confrontation, where he exhibited essentially figurative works. This will be the beginning of his career as a plastic art artist.

On this occasion he is approached by famous Art dealers; together, they upset the routine practices of the profession and Jean-Pierre Frey becomes one of five painters best sold in France.

But, in order to be free of any constraint, he opens and operates two Art galleries: the Gallery "Aparté" to Saint Paul of Vence in France and the Gallery "Turquoise" in New-York City; this allows him to maintain its independence and paint freely because he feels attracted by different styles: the abstract art, the mixed techniques, the collage and installations. Antoni Clavé, Robert Motherwell, Pierre Soulages, Antoni Tàpies, Robert Rauschenberg, Edward Hopper, Miquel Barceló, become its new references.

Then the Modern Art Museum of Fort Lauderdale acquires one of his paintings during an exhibit at ARTEXPO in New-York City in 1994, and the art dealer Victor Palazzo decides to represent Jean-Pierre to USA.

He met his wife Caroline in 1997.
In 2000, he ceases all professional activity and starts a trip to sail around the world with his family.

He opened his Art Gallery "Elementos" in Caribbean in the Marina of Casa de Campo to present his new work; the success was immediate.

In 2014 he arrives in French Polynesia. Charmed by its population and impressed by its landscapes, Jean-Pierre found a new source of inspiration to paint.
He opened his studio/art-gallery in Vaitape, at the shore of the lagoon of Bora-Bora ...


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